Solomon Islands Ombudsman Office Staff Undergone Financial Trainings

The Legal Unit of the Ombudsman Office continues to provide in-house trainings for members of the OOSI on the laws and regulations relevant to the Office’s functions and relationship in the Public Service


One of such important trainings is on the Public Financial Management Act 2013(PFMA). This training focusses on the legal principles, rules and processes including imprests and procurement procedures.

As highlighted by the Director of Legal Services, Mr. Nelson Dhita, in his introductory presentation, "The need for our understanding of the requirements under the PFMA is becoming more significant as OOSI now has a separate budget head to account for it separately, unlike before when we were still under the Office of the Prime Minister & Cabinet where accounting and reporting requirements regarding our budget had been managed."


These trainings are important for OOSI as it will help the Office staff to properly manage its resources. It will also equip OOSI investigators better understand the legal requirements on imprests and procurements when matters of such nature arise the Office by way of complaints.


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