Solomon Islands Ombudsman Office Conducts More Awareness

Since March 2018 the Solomon Islands Ombudsman’s Office has conducted a number of awareness programs to some of the provincial headquarters and communities. Those included awareness programs that specifically target provincial government leaders and public servants.


The provincial authorities covered so far includes Malaita Provincial Government, the Honiara City Council, the Makira/Ulawa Education Authority, Makira/Ulawa Provincial Government Administration staff, and the Mangakiki village Forum of West Guadalcanal under a partnership program with the Solomon Islands Development Trust (SIDT), an umbrella body for all NGOs operating in Solomon Islands.

The reception we received from the awareness programs so far were positive as citizens continue to learn more about the roles and functions of the Ombudsman in Solomon Islands. This has raised the profile of the Ombudsman’s Office in the country as more people continue to utilize the services OOSI stand to provide to citizens.


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