Vanuatu Ombudsman Office farewells long-serving and retired staff

On 06 March 2018, the Vanuatu Office of the Ombudsman fare-welled one of its long serving staff, who also happened to be retiring from work. Mrs Anna George, the Office receptionist and also the Acting Principal Corporate Services Officer had begun work with the Ombudsman’s Office in 2000 and has continuously worked there until January 2018. The Office fare-welled her in a light ceremony thanking her for her service to the Vanuatu Government, Ombudsman’s Office , and the nation, especially her perseverance for the 17 years of service. The Office wished her well in her life outside the Ombudsman’s Office.

Photo: Staff members posing with Mrs. Anna George (wearing the Vanuatu Island dress).  (Photo Credit: Darval Simon)


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