Flexible Funding Program

September 6, 2017

The first ever Pacific Integrity Network (PIN) Flexible Funding Program is up and running!


This is a great news story and showcases the innovation and capability of all of Pacific Integrity members. Despite the small size of the funding available, PIN members came up with a number of fantastic activities which were evidence based interventions, looked at building partnerships and in some cases adopted a truly regional Pacific approach.


The efforts of our Pacific partners have demonstrated that for a small contribution, an agile and flexible agency can deliver initiatives of real value which can contribute to the integrity of a whole nation.


Our supported Flexible Funding Program include projects targeted at:

            1. increasing public awareness and education in relation to fraud and the abuse of public resources;

            2.staff development with an emphasis on best practice complaint handling; and

            3.public education on the true impact of corruption.


Not only are the outcomes impressive, but the process been a collaborative one encouraged and strengthened by engagement across Pacific Integrity leaders.  We are truly excited to see the outcomes of the successful projects for each of you and we look forward to updating you all on the projects as they develop!



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