Solomon Islands LCC finds the Member of Parliament for North Malaita constituency guilty of misconduct in office

Hon. Jimmy Lusibaea is the owner of Lion Heart Company. He was the Minister responsible for the government Ministry of Infrastructure & Development (‘MID’).


In 2016 Lion Heart was awarded a government contract by the Central Tender Board. This contract was administered by the MID. Also in the same year Lion Heart let its side lifter truck for hire by Solomon Islands Ports Authority (SIPA’), a State Own Enterprise which is under the portfolio of Hon. Lusibaea.


The Commission finds that the Leader has a conflict of interests in the award of the government contract to his company so as the hire agreement his company entered into with SIPA. The Commission also finds this Member of Parliament misconducted by providing information in his last statement of disclosure to the Commission in which he declared that he had no shares in any company.


This information the Commission finds is false or misleading in a material particular. The Commission penalised Hon. Lusibaea with a total fine of SBD$12,000. Hon. Lusibaea was sacked from his ministerial portfolio just before the Commission released its findings last month.


 - Article submitted by Solomon Islands Leadership Code Commission Chairman, Mr Solomon Kalu.

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