Conflict of Interest Training

In May 2017, participants from across seven Pacific Integrity Network nations undertook Conflict of Interest Management Training in Nadi, Fiji. The training was conducted by Mr Robert Buchanan, a public sector lawyer from Wellington, New Zealand, with experience working in the New Zealand Ombudsman and Audit Offices.


The three day training provided an opportunity for 23 participants to learn about and discuss conflicts of interest in the context of their work, the broader work of their respective organisations, and as representatives and leaders of integrity within their country’s public service.

Participants discussed their personal and organisational experiences of conflicts of interest, and developed and discussed case studies within groups spread across the partner countries and jurisdictions. 

A highlight of the training was a question and answer session on understanding the `hard cases’ of conflict of interest and dealing with possible reputational risks. A panel of three leaders were selected from within the group to offer their insights. Our thanks to the Vanuatu Ombudsman office, Solomon Islands Leadership Code Commission and the Pohnpei State Audit Office for participating in the panel.



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